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Fendi became a worldwide sensation when they launched their "baguette" bags in 1997. Thanks to Sarah Jessica Parker in Sex and the City, everyone wanted to have their own baguette bag.

It is aptly name for its similarity to the baguette. Up to now, Fendi pouches and clutches add zing to any woman's outfit. And just like their big sisters, the original Fendi clutch can be expensive.

These bags can go for as high as $1,000 especially the leather ones. But you can opt to get a fake Fendi clutch. It's more economical plus, you can get two styles instead of one and a wallet perhaps. A replica Fendi also goes a long way despite the changing seasons. If you chose a style that is timeless, you won't have to buy a new one every season.

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Fendi bags are iconic in nature. They are classy and timeless and that is why they are easily replicated. Original Fendi handbags come with a hefty price. They usually retail at about $500 upwards.

For example the Fendi Selleria bag sells at $1,800 in stores. Replica Tory B and Fendi handbags on the other hand sell for only $200 below. Now that is a good deal right? So long as you choose the handbag similar to the original, you can get away with it. But do your research and get the knockoff bag that is produced by Fendi. Not the one stamped with the Fendi name or last season’s “it” bag.

Fake monogram Fendi bags are still being sold in stores even though it was launched several years ago. Many people buy these cheap fake handbags because they know that the brand is a symbol of quality and style.

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Buying a Fendi handbag will set you back over a thousand dollars. Buying a replica Fendi at $200 is a great deal especially if you choose high quality knockoffs that look genuine. 
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